Beginner Basketball Plays and Drills

Our collection of beginner youth basketball plays and drills are perfect for coaching 6-8 year old boys and girls, as well as any age group that has little or no playing experience.

All of our books are designed with the "parent-coach" in mind, meaning is does not matter if you have coached for several years or you are a complete rookie, this book can help you with your team.

Our coaching staff has been coaching for over 20 years and have compiled effective plays and drills into each book, we know it works or it would not be in the book. We have helped thousands of parent-coaches since 1999.

What is in the book?

  • 18 Youth Basketball Plays that have been proven to work "on-the-court".
  • 64 Highly effective basketball drills to prepare your team during practice.
  • Thousands of hours of trial and error practice, our experiences will save you time.
  • Guaranteed Results, this stuff works and will work for you too.


What Type of Drills are Included:

  • Reaction Drills
  • Passing Drills
  • Layup Drills
  • Dribbling Drills
  • Rebounding Drills
  • Defensive Drills
  • Team Drills

 Offensive Sets Included:

  • 1-3-1 Offense
  • 4-1 Offense
  • Box Offense
  • Flex Offense
  • Man Offense
  • Shuffle Offense
  • Zone Offense
  • Motion Offense
  • Triangle Offense


We are 100% sure our playbooks will help you, so we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if our playbooks do not help you this season.